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Dougie stars in this short film which is a parable for Child Sex Trafficking, brought to us by Whitestone Motion Pictures. It is available for viewing through the Doorpost Film Project, an online film festival. Go to www.thedoorpost.com/vote/ and watch it and others. Then vote for your favorite!

Please spread this around for Dougie and so we can Stop the Candy Shop!
22 October 2010 @ 11:34 am
Hi everyone! Just thought I'd share this discovery with everyone that I found on Youtube of Dougie at his most natural! I just recently watched the movie and it was amazing. I recommend it. Thought this was awesome of Doug to do.

Here's the link. check it out if you'd like! 


Sorry I'm new to this, don't know how to post the actual video :)
11 October 2010 @ 08:57 am
A comment on my last entry reminded me that "My Name is Jerry" (For which Dougie won Best Actor at the Strasbourg International Film Festival) comes out on DVD next week on Tuesday, October 19th. It is available to add to your queue on Netflix, or to pre-order from Amazon.com (which I have done). Trailer is here

Tomorrow, Carnies is released on DVD. Dougie plays the Ratcatcher. Trailer is here.
04 October 2010 @ 04:43 pm
The trailer of "The Candy Shop" with Dougie as the Candy Shop Owner came out today:

The Candy Shop Trailer from Brandon McCormick on Vimeo.

If you feel like helping me plaster the link all over the place, here it is: tinyurl.com/whitestoneCS
21 August 2010 @ 10:41 am
I don't know if you know, but Dougie's been in Atlanta shooting 'The Candy Shop,' a fairytale/parable about underage sex trafficking. Today they're streaming live from the set. The last time they did this they had an interview with Dougie and, of course, you get the chance to see Dougie work. He is AMAZING and it's really fun asking questions and watching with other fans.


They also have a recorded bit about three minutes long with Dougie: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/9064318
16 July 2010 @ 11:27 pm

bet you can't guess which character Dougie is, haha. (it's a joke)

I forgot to mention that he is also in the newly-released-on-DVD Legion, though not for very long.

I'm still waiting on word on The Hobbit, since Guillermo stepped down from directing.
17 October 2009 @ 07:17 pm
Hello everyone! I don't know if i've introduced myself here; i think i've always been a bit of a lurker. I'm a PhD student at FAU (Florida Atlantic University), and i am just a huge fan of all things Dougie. Anyway, i've been kicking an idea around for a short fanfic based on Pan's Labyrinth, probably since i first saw it. So, i've finally written it, and wanted to share.

So, if you're interested, you can find the fic here. Please enjoy. And remember, there's love!

Peace be with you
29 April 2009 @ 11:23 am
With extra adorable Dougie goodness!

The film's director has asked us Dougie-fans to spread the word. So if you like what you see, then like a Fraggle Pebble - pass it on!

Hi, btw! :)

I don't think I've posted here yet (although I've been lurking). I'm Kusanivy.
16 January 2009 @ 01:27 pm

The Golden Army. 4900 soldiers created for the King Balor , Elv´s King, had become a legend after the last war that decimated the humans in the war for the supremacy on the earth. The battle end with the peace between the Mythical world and the humans. The son of the King, Prince Nuada didn't trust in the humans
promise and self-imposed his exile and of the left that the Golden Army became a legend.

Centuries after , in the modern times many things are changed , something that before was now hid in the dark and what before was in the dark is coming to the light....

Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense, known as B.P.R.D. discover a paranormal activity that cause the death of innocent people during a conference, the strange...is that what had killed, isn't of their world or at least, is the begin of a world that pretend to come back...

The government of USA is financing a secret cooperation which mission is to study the paranormal thing, there face those amazing cases that have never been seen and that can be a threat for the Earth. The cooperation in which  is living between impassable walls, Hellboy. Found in the 1944 by  Professor Trevor Bruttenholm when the creature was till a ''baby'' . He was one of these special beings who was raised by the Americans in bases of the army where it received education and training. With him his adoptive father was always next to him , later he joined later the Unit of Defense and Paranormal Investigation ( B.P.R.D). there, he works with Abraham "abe" Sapien and the pirotecnic Elizabeth "liz" Sherman, This powerful trio fight against any threat that makes to be in danger the humans but all of them forced to hide in the obscurity for not be like who they protect....